Mitras Composites Systems GmbH
Stefan Ott
Bahnhofstraße 32
01471 Radeburg

phone: +49 35208 83-30
fax: +49 35208 83-500

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Success Stories

Mitras Success Stories - Our performance records, your benefit

We constantly follow new ideas to improve our production. This results in more efficient production processes and ultimately in an increase in the performance of your products. In addition, we think things out of the box and develop product solutions for our customers that give them a long-lasting competitive advantage in the market.

With the rubric "Mitras Success Stories" we want to let you participate directly and give you an insight into "our daily work". Furthermore, we invite you to enter into dialogue with us about our success stories. We are the plastics experts in the field of thermoset hot pressing and injection moulding. Together with you we analyse new fields of application. SMC/BMC as material for your application - with us as a capable development partner at your side.



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