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hot pressing process

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For the production of fiber-reinforced thermoset components, we can refer to our pool of hydraulic presses with different sizes and properties.

Our presses are equipped with modern control systems that allow clamping forces between 3,000 and 10,000 KN. The maximum table size is 2,700 x 1,500 mm.

With our press park, we offer you all the requirements for precise process control and short cycle times. The hot pressing process is used to manufacture small to large parts with dimensional accuracy. Complex geometries can be reproduced. The hot pressing process is particularly suitable for flat components with small to medium series. Similarly, more complex geometries with greater wall thickness variations can be realized. Press molds (tooling) made of high-strength steel are required for this.

Our goal are lean processes. That is why our production is geared to finishing your component on the press using the hot pressing process. The integration of metal inserts thus takes place optimally in the press process. Likewise, downstream value-adding activities such as deburring of the component or the insertion of holes are also relocated to the place of action (to the press).

We use modern robot-controlled handling systems in production. These take over the tasks of raw material loading of the press as well as component removal with the aim of automated production.

At the same time, the quality of your parts is not neglected. A shift-accompanying QA monitors the defined requirements of your parts around the clock.

Have we awakened your interest? We would be happy to discuss your current or potential SMC or BMC component with you.


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