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Powder In-Mould Coating (PIMC) - The new alternative to wet coating

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Powder In-Mould Coating (PIMC) is a new process for surface finishing. This process gets its innovative charm from its single-stage character, as the surface is already coated during the pressing process. With this process, the surfaces of the SMC or BMC molded parts receive a significant upgrade of their properties.


The coating is applied during the pressing process by electrostatically charged powder coating based on UP resins being applied to the hot mold and forming a chemical bond with the curing SMC or BMC during the pressing process.

The bond between the powder coating and the SMC or BMC is a material bond. Coated surfaces in the PIMC process are highly scratch-resistant and extremely resistant to weathering, UV radiation, chemicals and graffiti. This process is particularly suitable, for example, for molded parts used outdoors.

Compared to the wet paint process, all downstream steps of an additional coating are no longer needed. In addition to improving the surface properties, this process can therefore also save time and costs for organizing transport to the paint shop or appropriate paint rooms.


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