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pressing of thermoset SMC and BMC components

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Due to its many advantages, hot pressing is our standard process.

The components are manufactured using two-part press molds with the aid of temperature and pressure.

The molds, which are made of high-quality steel, are heated to approx. 150°C and loaded with SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), which is precisely defined in terms of weight and cut. After closing the press, the material becomes thin under the pressure and high temperature and distributs it evenly in the mold. The polymerization that then begins causes the material to crosslink and cure into its final shape.

Animation zum Heißpressen

The hot pressing process is preferably used for flat components made of SMC and is particularly suitable for small to medium series. In addition to SMC, BMC molding compounds can also be processed in individual cases.

Components can be additionally equipped with special functionalities by means of inserts, local reinforcements and coatings.


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