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Case Study PIMC coating

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Mitras Case Study – Seating system with PIMC

Task - Challenge

In cooperation with a seat manufacturer, the task was to develop a new seat shell system for the local public transport of a European capital.

The following requirements and general conditions had to be met:

  • Fire protection EN 45545-2
  • Surface hardness with verification according to DIN EN ISO 15184
  • low tolerance window
  • ergonomics / design-to-cost
  • short lead times
  • stable series production to ensure rollout
  • cost-optimized tooling system

Due to a change in standards from BS 6853 to EN 45545-2 and the associated increased fire protection requirements, the previous solutions of conventional seat shell systems could no longer be used. Conventional seat shells are manufactured using a hand laminate or RTM process and then painted or coated downstream.

The aim was to develop a new seat shell system that would meet the necessary component requirements and at the same time could be reproduced using a cost-optimized tooling system and an efficient production process.


In cooperation with material suppliers for SMC and powder coatings, we have developed a special material combination that fulfills requirements for fire protection and dimensional stability.

To achieve the required scratch resistance, we use the Powder In-Mold Coating (PIMC) process. This process has already proven itself in several projects, e.g. for washbasins, shower trays or housings for the electrical industry in series production.

Further advantages of the PIMC process are the shortened overall lead time (production incl. coating) and improved product properties.

Properties such as:

  • High scratch resistance
  • Graffiti protection
  • UV resistance

which were normally reserved for metal parts, can now be transferred to plastic surfaces.

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In the SMC pressing process, an "inseparable" bond is formed between the SMC material and the powder coating system. With the PIMC process from Mitras, throughput times were reduced and costs optimized. The requirements for the component were increased.

By using the PIMC process, it is possible to produce SMC components economically even in quantities of 1,000 per year.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the technology or possible areas of application. We are sure that together with you we can analyze your product range for suitable applications and thus strategically expand your purchasing portfolio.


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