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Tool optimizations

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As part of a relocation of tools for the production of thermoset press or injection molded parts (from SMC or BMC), we examine your mold. We show you improvement potentials on your tools, which will pay off for you. Sometimes both slight and profound changes to your mold have a significant impact on the production process. The creation of lean production process is our top priority while maintaining or even improving the quality of the products.

In addition, mold optimization can also achieve process maturity for further process steps, such as our Powder Inmould Coating (PIMC). Do you have your parts coated downstream up to now? With molds that are adapted to our PIMC process, you can get your thermoset component powder coated and thus achieve improved surface performance with shorter delivery times.

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We have awakened your interest? We would be happy to discuss a possible optimization of your tools with you.


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