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Thermoset as an alternative

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Fiber-reinforced thermosets are high-performance materials that offer an alternative to traditional engineering materials in many applications with special mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.

We are a leading specialist in the production of fiber-reinforced thermoset plastic parts.

As a family-owned company with modern manufacturing and processing technologies as well as many years of experience in plastics, we offer you all the prerequisites for a lasting and promising partnership "Made in Germany".

We can offer you: 

  • Expert knowledge for the production of complex fiber-reinforced plastic parts in the technologies hot pressing and injection molding
  • "thinking out of the box" in development work for new applications
  • The best possible support for your molds and a sensitivity to cost-optimal maintenance techniques
  • As a surface specialist, a choice of different technologies, adjusted to your needs

Thermoset is not just a plastic, but also represents an alternative to traditional construction materials. For example, it can replace metal in industrial truck covers as well as porcelain in insulators for rail transport technology. What's more, thermoset is not only the lighter and more durable alternative, but also the more cost-effective one.


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