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Stefan Ott
Bahnhofstraße 32
01471 Radeburg

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fax: +49 35208 83-500

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Powder In-Mould Coating

Powder in-mould coating (PiMC) is a one-step process during which charged powder coating on the basis of UP resins is applied to the heated tool and forms a chemical compound with the inserted SMC/BMC.

This compound is firmly bonded and also scratchproof and highly resistant to chemicals, graffiti and UV radiation, which is particularly advantageous for outdoor use.

PiMC offers a broad range of colour usage since almost all RAL colours can be used in this process. In addition, special applications like high gloss, polychromatism, metallic granite effects and fire resistance are also practicable.

Unlike painting, PiMC does not require any further process steps, additional components or spraying and storage rooms, causing it to save time and expenses.


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