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Optimizing your component

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We offer optimization for your component. No matter whether your component is still in product development or already in series production. Likewise, framework conditions in series production can also change, which requires an evaluation of material alternatives and their corresponding process technologies.

Your component is still in the product development stage and the material or process selection has not been completed yet?
We will be happy to show you the advantages of an SMC or BMC component and accompany you from the initial product idea through the introduction into series production to the last delivered part.

Throughout the entire development process, you benefit from our many years of experience in material- and process-specific molding design and our know-how in thermoset processing.
Our experience in the design, procurement and sampling of the necessary tools ensures that the jointly developed solutions are technologically sophisticated and economically convincing.

Your component is already manufactured in another process (e.g. metal part, plastic hand laminate, plastic RTM)?
We evaluate with you a material change to a SMC or BMC component. A significant influencing factor here is, for example, the required sales volume of your components. Changes in the sales volume of your component give you the opportunity to increase efficiency by changing materials and technologies. The associated optimization of the component design can be taken into account.

Is your component already manufactured as an SMC or BMC thermoset using hot pressing or injection molding?
We are experts in the optimization of component designs. We will be happy to advise you and give you recommendations for a more efficient component design, taking into account the impact on the mold design. Sometimes small changes in part design can have a significant effect on the production of your parts.


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