Mitras Composites Systems GmbH
Stefan Ott
Bahnhofstraße 32
01471 Radeburg

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Lightweight Design

B-pillar (zoomed out)

Our know-how regarding lightweight design based on fibre-reinforced plastics by sandwich or hybrid solutions enables us to develop and produce plastic components using economical manufacturing technologies.

Our development focuses on compression and injection moulding. We provide an innovative mixture of materials, intelligent tooling concepts, single-step production processes, an automated series production and a close link between research and practice. Combining our knowledge and skills, we are able to exceed the limits of conventional applications and to avoid subsequent processes.

For you, this means:

  • better mechanical and material properties
  • increased process optimisation
  • less weight
  • less overall costs

In cooperation with some of our partners from industry and science, we also succeeded in developing a technology for the production of a novel metal-plastics hybrid design (steel-organic sheet-LFRTs) for highly stressed functional components offering various advantages compared to conventional steel design:

  • significantly reduced weight
  • considerably improved energy absorption
  • a single-step production process
  • maximum functional integration

With our know-how in hybrid technologies, we will find a customised solution for you!


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