Mitras Composites Systems GmbH
Stefan Ott
Bahnhofstraße 32
01471 Radeburg

phone: +49 35208 83-30
fax: +49 35208 83-500

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Classical or alternative

Aside from the production of mere compression or injection moulded parts, we offer different finishing processes and processing technologies.

Apart from classical downstream services like milling or assembling, we also provide state-of-the-art technologies, such as in-mould-labelling or powder in-mould coating, which are applied directly during the moulding process enabling us to dispense with further production steps like bonding or painting.

In addition, we keep a variety of other finishing processes available for you, which we either perform internally or via one of our external partners:

  • a dosing station for structural adhesive bonds (1K/2K)
  • an automated CNC foaming machine for PU seals
  • industrial coatings in popular RAL colours
  • module assembling according to the bill of materials
  • general mechanical post-processing

Your advantage: the ideal customisation of our products.



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